(LEFT) An advertisement taken out by Johnny in the souvenir booklet for the 1951 combined IBM-SAM Convention in New York City. (Scan courtesy Joseph Giordmaine). Neither Johnny nor Joseph attended so it was a "good will" ad. I found the booklet in near mint condition at my local magic shop, The Browser's Den of Magic, which just goes to show that there are lots of hidden treasures still awaiting you at your local brick and mortar magic shop.


We Get Email!

It's not often that we get email but when we do it is a pleasure to read your memories of Johnny. Here's one we received last year that we really appreciate:


I found your site of tribute to Johnny Giordmaine.

I knew him in the 1940s and 50s - my grandfather, Warren T. Fegan, always had Johnny perform at his birthday parties and events - very often in the Arcadian Court at Simpsons. Also, Pop always talked about Johnny and he was at many 'dos' of his.

I loved Johnny and wished that I could have seen him more - I grew up and Pop did not have as many parties as he once had; but then, while watching Captain Kangaroo with my children in the 60s, I found Johnny again! What fun.

I met Johnny again at my grandfather's funeral in 1962. It was so nice to see him again and talk about old times.

I am so glad that you are keeping this tribute to him as he was a lovely man and dearly loved. I know that my grandfather and all his family dearly loved him.

Thank you. If you happen to have any early pictures of Johnny's engagements in the late 30s and 40s, it would be a treat to see them.

Best wishes



Thank you Valerie for such wonderful memories! I hope you are reading this and have just enjoyed those photos from 1930 taken from that delightful home movie featuring Johnny.

If you have any recollections of Johnny to share please send them in like Valerie did. (I have omitted her surname and email address to protect her privacy). My email address is on Page Eleven. - jp





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