Johnny on film at the 1930 IBM Convention (Fort Wayne, IN.)

Featured on "Vintage Magic Films, Silent Movies of Early Magic Stars, Vol. 2: The 1930's", Available for sale on DVDs from The Miracle Factory. Images Copyright 2009 William H. McIlhany, All Rights Reserved. Used by permission. Many thanks to Bill McIlhany ( for his permission and very kind words, "Your site is a very nice tribute to a wonderful magician and gentleman I admired very much."


(ABOVE) Screen shots courtesy Joseph Giordmaine. I've chosen my favourite screen shots from a larger selection sent to me of this outdoor home movie and arranged them in a way that works for me visually even if it may not be chronologically accurate. The whole sequence lasts only 1 minute and 45 seconds and consisted of various shuffles, manipulations and flourishes. In Joseph Giordmaine's words, "A treasure!" I will always remember that "big" card fans were Johnny's signature card flourish right to the end of his life (see PAGE 16) and so it made sense to me to end this wonderful cinematic sequence with one.

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