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Like countless other North American kids of all ages I was entertained and delighted by this wonderful magician right up to his passing in early 1974. But I really only got to know Johnny in the last few years of his life. Like so many others before and after me, I was inspired by him to take up magic as a hobby and later to seek a career in the creative and performing arts. (Johnny helped me in this endeavour too, appearing in my first-ever documentary made in Super 8 while I was still in junior high school). However, Johnny was more than just a professional mentor, he was a genuinely joyful human being with great spiritual depths. If I haven't quite lived up to his level of kindness and generosity of spirit so far in my adult years then the failing is entirely mine. It isn't for want of ideal role models. - jp

(Photo above - me and Johnny and Anna Giordmaine, 1973.)


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