(ABOVE) Two charming studies of Johnny. LEFT, with his beloved wife Anna (and portrait of their son Joseph on the wall behind them in their East York bungalow. From an early 1970s Xmas card.) RIGHT, Johnny from one of his many promotional flyers, circa 1960s. Photo by Herb Nott & Co. entitled "The One That Didn't Get Away."

(ABOVE) Another of Johnny's innumerable promotional giveaways. This one was designed the the famous British magician/illustrator/inventor, Ali Bongo, circa 1960s. Johnny's innovative use of these promotional handouts kept his name and memory in audiences' minds long after his performances were over.

(BELOW) NEW! IBM Ring 17 Toronto charter (1941) lists Johnny as a co-founding charter member. Note his surname is spelled with an unnecessary extra "e". (Courtesy Ring 17).