A very Happy Holidays to all of our readers! As is our annual tradition, here is our latest holiday update.

The holidays were always so important to Johnny. So it seems fitting that we present new images and text about him at this especially magical time of year.

First, some terrific photos from the archives of IBM Ring 17 (Toronto) featuring Johnny.

Many thanks to Ring 17's president James Alan for his kind permission to reprint these photos which are selected from their new online collection of similar archival photos. You can find the entire collection at Ring 17's site by clicking HERE.


FROM LATE 1946... Johnny and his big watch, a favourite gag. Joseph Giordmaine says that this may be one of the few photos of Johnny and his watch.

FROM LATE 1946... Ring 17 welcomed the great Harry Blackstone (Snr.) He's the grey haired gentleman near the centre; Johnny is beside him.

FROM 1966/1967... The ribbon cutting ceremony in progress.

FROM 1966/1967... Then mayor Phil Givens and Johnny prepare a ribbon cutting as part of a performance outside of the Toronto City Hall.

FROM 1966/1967... a charming portrait of Johnny and Anna at a Ring 17 dinner.

FROM 1966/1967... Johnny waves his magic wand at the same dinner.

Dates noted above are presumed accurate. Many thanks to the anonymous Ring 17 photographers of the past who actually took all the Ring 17 archival photos. We know Herb Staats was among them although we do not know if Herb actually took any of the photos (above). Just in case he did, many thanks Herb!

Of course Johnny was a co-founding charter member of Ring 17 at its birth in 1941. See PAGE 10.

Coming up next - a special personal remembrance of Johnny...