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In the interests of non-exposure, I have added a password protected "Magicians Only" section.

To read Johnny's article on "The Big Nickel" click HERE. (Link is dead.)

You need to know the first name of the primary author of magic's most respected multi-volume work.

IMPORTANT: Use all lower case letters.

NEW: If you'd like to read it, email me the answer.


(ABOVE) An inquiry to its current copyright holder Chris Wasshuber at lybrary.com about reprinting Johnny's SPHINX article resulted in Chris giving his kind permission to do so. The above article by Johnny appeared originally in The Sphinx, Volume 50, Number 3, page 166, and was first published in 1951. The Digital Sphinx edition is available only from lybrary.com - an invaluable on line resource for magic e-books. And if you search for Johnny on the lybrary site you come up with references to six other Sphinx articles written by him as well as his photo on the cover of an edition of "The Gen".

AND DON'T FORGET... Check with your local magic dealer to find "The Big Nickel" props and additional routines as supplied by Gary Frank at Fantastic Magic. If they don't have it, why not contact Gary directly?

(BELOW) Season's Greetings from Johnny and Anna, forever at home on their porch at 52 Mann Avenue in Toronto - circa early 1970s. From my own personal archives.


Update "John Giordmaine Award"

Joseph Giordmaine comments, "The photo of the award plaque [on pg. 24] makes a neat connection to magic of recent years. Mother and I were invited to the 1980 SCM meeting where the plaque was awarded to Doug Henning. We were proud to be asked to make the presentation."

NEW! Photos of the ceremony are now HERE.

Larry Silverman, former president of the SCM and a life long fan of Johnny's tells me it was one of only four awards so named ever given out by the SCM. Larry has many memories of Johnny and he's promised to share some of them with this site as soon as he can.

(LEFT) The "Giordmaina" (Giordmaine) Family Crest. I found it and some background information on the origins of the family surname in Malta on the www.searchmalta.com site. Click HERE or on the crest for a link. I have contacted them about this site but so far they have not added a link. (Update: Links appear dead.)

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