Happy 75th Birthday Genii Magazine

(Update December 2012)

In wishing Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine, a happy 75th this month I am delighted to reproduce on this site (and for the first time anywhere online as far as I know) their wonderful tribute to Johnny that originally appeared in the May 1964 issue.

My thanks to Richard Kaufman of Genii magazine for kindly giving his permission and allowing me to reproduce this fantastic cover of Johnny as well as the incredibly genuine and warm appreciation of Johnny (below) written by its then editor, Bill Larsen Jr.

Both the Genii cover (left) and the article (below) published on this page are "Copyright 1964 by The Genii Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Reproduced with Permission." Scans courtesy Joseph Giordmaine.

The current Nov-Dec 2012 anniversary double issue contains an illustrated history of those 75 years - including thumbnail photos of some of Genii's greatest covers. I was very pleased to see Johnny's cover included in those selected.

Hard to miss Johnny's amusing pre-1970's "branding" as "The Gay Magician"! If you've skipped the previous couple pages on this site, click HERE, to read all about Johnny's use of the terminology and how it evolved and was eventually replaced by "The Merry Magician".

And in case any of you don't know, Genii is (I believe) the oldest continuously published independent magazine for magicians in the world. It remains one of my firm favourites ever since I first read it way back when as a pre-teen. I remember that I had found it via a small ad in the back of "Popular Science" that read "Three Sample Issues of Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine for a buck!" What magic-obsessed kid could resist? In those long ago pre-internet days, Genii was our internet when it came to magic news and what was hot. Today it still remains at the forefront of the magic publishing world (although it has some excellent good company) and has diversified online with a digital version, an online forum and the much respected online encyclopedia of magic history, the Magicpedia.

This is a link to take you to the current Genii main website, HERE.


Next, a rare glimpse of Johnny in 1967/1968 on TV not seen anywhere else in almost 40 years...