The 1961 Abbott Magic Get Together - Colon, Michigan

(LEFT) Harry Blackstone, Sr - Guest of Honour - centre stage; Johnny by his side. Doesn't he look like he's having fun? (So do those kids!) Blackstone is performing his famous Vanishing Birdcage routine.

(BELOW, LEFT) Johnny centre stage with a young assistant from the audience. "John came on something like a whirlwind - the magic was so rapid fire... He delighted young and old, as always!" - John Braun

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Photos reproduced with the kind permission of Greg Bordner of the Abbott Magic Company - 124 St. Joseph Street, Colon, MI 49040.


The Closing of the Arcade Magic & Novelty Shop, Toronto - 1979

(LEFT) A summer 1979 article (note headline typo!) about the final days of the legendary Toronto magic landmark, the Arcade Magic & Novelty Shop on Yonge Street. (Link goes to Thomas Baxter's insightful recollections.) Johnny worked there during one of its earlier incarnations - of which you've already read and seen a photo on this site.


December 2011

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May all your Holidays be Magical! - jp

JOHNNY OULD COMMENTS... About the Smiths and the Arcade... Both Sophie and Harry were mentors to me... and many, many others. Super nice people. Sophie, as a music teacher was a great encouragement for me to continue on playing the organ and piano, without lessons, for my own enjoyment. I had a learning disability with reading most of the complicated music and she said just read what you can and follow my heart for the pace, etc. and I would do just fine - and I have... Harry and Sophia I feel need credit for uplifting magic of the times.