(Above) This was one of the many varied promotional hand-outs that Johnny gave away. This was a little booklet which contained mostly blank pages. The gag was basic but delightful - "All I Know" followed of course by all the blank pages! But oddly Johnny also included an actual list of items he performed (or perhaps demonstrated during his years behind the magic department counter at the T. Eaton department store in Toronto.) This list seems to negate the gag somewhat but perhaps he just didn't want to waste the entire booklet on a single gag! (Unknown date, probaby circa 1960s).

Update: Bob Taylor points out that a similar or identical booklet was (re)produced for Johnny's September, 1973 75th birthday celebration/lecture at the Society of Canadian Magicians (SCM). It contained a similar or identical list to the one above of effects he demonstrated during his amazing 2-3 hour lecture. However I seem to recall that Johnny sent me the booklet above long before that so perhaps this booklet was created for a similar lecture/demonstration he gave at a much earlier date.

(Next page) Charming novelty give-away designed by Sid Lorraine, "Can You Find My Favourite Magician?" Johnny's name is cleverly concealed - can you find it? Hint: Look vertically! (Circa 1960s.) Underneath that is a page from one of Johnny's many promotional flyers. (Circa 1960s.)